Station Park offers an exceptional collection of national brands and specialty shops including: Apple, Banana Republic, Brighton, H&M, IT'SUGAR, J.Crew, lululemon athletica, LUSH, Nordstrom Rack, Victoria's Secret, Zumiez, and many more.



Tease your taste buds at our collection of 19 outstanding restaurants and eateries. Enjoy casual, indoor or outdoor dining at ParkStone Wood Kitchen, Settebello Pizzeria, Sushi Monster, or Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar. Grab a quick bite and enjoy al fresco seating at Barbacoa, Cafe Zupas, Caffe Torino, Fiiz, Madbrook Donuts and more.

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Enjoy our world-class show fountain with choreographed lights, music, color, and 30-60-foot hight dancing waters. Every hour on the hour during center operational hours and until midnight on weekends.

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Station Park the region's premier shopping destination. Located at the Intersection of I-15, Highway 89, Legacy Parkway and the Front Runner Commuter Train in Farmington. Upscale retail, dining and entertainment, featuring a park, children's play area, outdoor winter skating rink and a world-class show fountain.

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Station Park offers a multitide of office space and services to accomodate the community.

Code of Conduct

Station Park, including its parking lot and various surrounding retail locations, is private property. The following is a partial list of Station Park's Code of Conduct; and is set forth for the purpose of protecting the Shopping Center's legitimate business interests. Actions displayed and noted in this Code will interfere with the commercial nature and function of the Center. Station Park reserves the right to modify and/or add to this Code at any time. Please contact Mall Management for additional information at 801-599-9445.

1. Smoking; including tobacco or vapor cigarettes. In accordance with Davis County Board of Health Regulation, Station Park is a smoke-free property. Violators may be cited under Utah 26A-1-123.

2. Using physical force, obscene language, obscene gestures, or racial, religious or ethnic slurs which are likely to create a disturbance or impinge on the peace of the Center's patrons or its commercial partners.

3. Physically or verbally threatening any person, fighting, annoying others through noisy or boisterous activities or by unnecessary staring, following another person through the Center or by using sexually explicit language or conduct, or in any other way creating a disturbance which interferes, disrupts or endangers the Center's patrons or its commercial function.

4. Running, skating (including "heelys"), rollerblading, skateboarding on the sidewalks, riding a scooter or segway, obstructing or interfering with the free flow of pedestrian traffic or with patrons' view of windows and tenant displays, or assembling for the purpose of disturbing the peace, engaging in any offensive behavior or committing any unlawful act.

5. Creating litter; including throwing, discarding or depositing any paper, glass or other material of any kind on the property, except in designated trash receptacles. Rummaging through or removing items from the trash receptacles.

6. Defacing, damaging or destroying any personal property constituting part of or located in or on the Center and belonging to the Center, its patrons, tenants, or vendors; including writing, spraying, scratching or otherwise affixing graffiti on such property.

7. Yelling, screaming, singing, playing musical instruments, radios, communication or sound amplification devices; otherwise communicating in a manner which creates noise of sufficient volume to impinge on the peace of the Center's patrons or its commercial partners.

8. Engaging in expressive activity not sponsored by the Center and/or any enterprise(s) engaged in business at the Center, without complying with the Center's rules for such activity.

9. Expressive activity includes without limitation, the solicitation of money or other contributions, donations, distribution of commercial advertising or promotional material, offering of samples or gifts, of items which are sold, available for sale or available in exchange for a donation or contribution, except with prior written permission of Mall Management.

10. Partially clothed bodies; this includes without limitation short shorts, revealing/see through apparel. Additionally; wearing apparel that disguises, obscures or conceals the face, including but not limited to costumes, hoods, or masks, other than those necessitated by a medical condition or worn for religious reasons, or wearing apparel or gesturing in a manner which is likely to provoke a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict.

11. Sitting on floors, handrails, stairs, trash receptacles or other areas not specifically designated for seating.

12. Possessing any open can, bottle, or other receptacle containing any alcoholic beverage, except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol.

13. Loitering, delaying, lingering or remaining idle about the property without any useful business for being present.

14. Congregating in groups of three (3) or more which hinders or interferes with the flow of other shoppers or obstruct entryways or walkways.

15. Possession of any item that could be used as a weapon, including but not limited to: firearms, explosives, fireworks, clubs or sticks over 1/4" in diameter (with the exception of umbrellas or walking canes), chemical dispensing devices, knives with blades over 2" in length, or any other object(s) that may be used in any way to inflict bodily injury on another person. Violating any federal, state or local law or ordinance.

16. Camping or parking overnight; all violators will be towed.

17. Photographing or videotaping any individual or entity on the Center's property without prior consent of the subject and Mall Management.

18. Unleashed animals. Aggressive animals. Dogs, cats, and/or service animals are permitted on property with proper leashes or containers. Owners must clean up after their pets.

19. Wading, climbing, dipping, or playing with the water feature/Show Fountain, its equipment, planters, and surrounding seating areas. The Show Fountain is for viewing purposes only.

20. Station Park closes when the retail stores close. After 9:00 pm, youth under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Individuals under the age of 17 are not permitted on the property after 11:00 pm, unless patronizing the theatre or restaurants.

21. When stores and common areas are closed, all patrons and guests must be in route to a business or to their vehicle to leave the center. At that time, guests and patrons are welcome to patronize any of the restaurants and businesses that are open. Gathering outdoors after dark is not allowed unless attending an event.

Pet Policy: Station Park welcomes four-legged friends; however, it is required of all pets to be on a leash and under the direct supervision and control of their keepers at all times. Whether or not pets are allowed inside the stores is up to each tenant's individual pet policy. SPM does not permit pets to be left outside unattended at any time; this includes tying leashes to trees, signs, benches, etc. while their owners are shopping or dining. Note: Pet owners are responsible for picking up after their pet.

Visitors failing or refusing to follow this Code of Conduct will be asked to stop and/or leave Station Park property. Failure or refusal to leave the property may result in banning and/or arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass.